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PawSplash™ Outdoor Dog Pool

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Say Goodbye to Boring, Hot Days for Your Pooch. PawSplash™ is Here!

Is your furry friend feeling the heat? PawSplash™ Dog Sprinkler Pool has got your pup’s summer entertainment covered. Its extraordinary 0.58mm thickness ensures durability, so your pet can play all day without any worry about the pool getting damaged by their playful claws.

Cooling Fun Unleashed with a Splash and a Fountain!

Most dogs adore water play, and who can blame them? With PawSplash™, they’ll have an incredible time enjoying both the fountain effect and splashing about in the pool. It’s like a mini water park for your dog!

Set Up in Minutes, Customize the Fun!

PawSplash™ is incredibly easy to install and takes only minutes. You can increase or decrease the spray height by adjusting the water pressure according to your dog's preferences.

Safety is a Splash Away with Non-Slip Design

PawSplash™ features a non-slip texture designed to ensure that your dogs have a grip while they splash around, greatly reducing the risk of falls and injuries. Let them enjoy the water fun without any injuries.

Suits Breeds of All Sizes - Even the Big Ones!

PawSplash™ is the ultimate summer accessory for all dogs. Available in medium and large sizes, this dog sprinkler pool can easily accommodate breeds of all sizes.

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